A Candid Interview with Maheen Taseer


Maheen Taseer is among those very few Pakistani Fashion Designers who hold a strong passion, true dedication and aesthetic sense for art and design. With #MGT, Pakistan gets a jolt of new-age and quirky elegance. Today we catch up with the brains behind MGT, Maheen Taseer herself in a candid interview:

Maheen Taseer in a candid interview with Dubai Bliss

  1. Despite not studying fashion in design school, you run a successful fashion brand. How did your fashion adventure begin?

I’ve always loved fashion As a child I loved dressing up and I was always good on trends. My mother has always been an inspiration because of her aesthetic sense and her unique style. So it has always been innate and it’s something I always had a strong passion for. But it’s only recently that I decided to give shape to this passion. In hard times it has helped me focus and brings a little positive light in my life that was much needed.

  1. What have been the key drivers behind your success? What did you do differently?

To be honest the key is about how passionate and motivated you are about what you love. For me my main motivation behind MgT is definitely my husband, he’s my strength, he’s my inspiration in life, he always wanted me to do this, and I think that’s what keeps me going.

  1. With overwhelming success comes the responsibility to give back. What’s your advice for new entrants?

My advice to all those coming into this industry would be to be yourself. Create because it’s art. Use your imagination and have fun with it. If you love what you make people will as well.

  1. The ‘Taseer’ badge is often in the limelight and therefore; draws both praise and unnecessary criticism. What’s your message for the haters?

Of course, I think there will always be haters and people who will try to pull you down in your hard times. But, the immense support, love and prayers that we’ve gotten during this time has been far beyond that and I think that holds more power. I feel proud to be part of the family. I think Salman and Shahbaz define courage. These are things that people can’t imagine; these are situations nobody has been in. I think overcoming adversity and how you handle it, truly shapes who you are.

These 4 years have been excruciatingly painful, but I think it’s also made us stronger, more humble and made us the people that we are. InshAllah, I think we will come out of it stronger, Shahbaz is the bravest person that I know and I couldn’t be more proud than having my name attached to his.

“Our name, our family name makes me so proud”

  1. What’s next for you?

We’re coming up with our bridal collection this September, InshAllah. It’s going to be our first big project. We are very very excited and we’re hoping for MGT to become bigger, better and inshAllah open stores all over Pakistan.