Justin Bieber – Behave or get kicked out!


    Justin Bieber’s management was reportedly asked to sign a contract to make sure the singer behaved during his stay in New Zealand.

    A source says Hotel Langham made the ‘Baby’ singer’s management sign a contract to avoid problems.

    The terms of the contract reportedly included  a ban on girls in his suite and partying. The star was also  restricted from  eating in the banquet room, reports

    His management was made to sign a contract, which would ensure that the singer does not create any problem for the hotel and other guests staying there.

    Justin will be thrown out if he doesn’t follow the rules,’ a source close to the hotel told media.

    ‘They don’t care who he is. His management were made to sign a contract, which included a long list of demands, stopping him from partying and disturbing other guests,” the source added.

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