I’d love to have Kareena dance at my wedding: Katrina Kaif


    Katrina Kaif might not have had a release in all of 2013, yet her personal life has constantly been in the news. Here, the actor opens up about Kareena Kapoor Khan saying she wants to dance at her wedding, about her equation with Ranbir Kapoor, and sister Isabelle’s debut.

    Kareena has called you “sister-in-law” on a chat show. Were you aware of that?

    I haven’t seen the episode. Kareena is a superb person, but a lot of stuff (on Karan Johar’s show) is said in jest. So, they are not to be taken very seriously.

    Kareena also said she wants to dance to your item songs at your wedding.
    (Laughs) Whenever and whoever I get married to, I’d love to have Kareena dance at my wedding. She is a wonderful dancer…anyone from the industry would be welcome to shake a leg.

    Is marriage on the cards?
    I’m not thinking about it. Right now, I’m busy  with work.

    You’re working with Ranbir again (in Jagga Jasoos). What’s it like?

    While working with Ranbir, at times, I feel like I’ve gone five years back, to the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani (2009). On the sets, he is extremely focused. What’s fascinating about him is that he mingles and is pally with everyone — be it the spot boy, make-up dada or assistant directors.

    Katrina Kaif

    Was he the reason you took up Jagga Jasoos?
    Due to Hrithik’s (Roshan) health issue, Bang Bang got held up and there was a gap. I was looking to take up a good movie, and I am lucky it came up at the right time.

    Have you tried staying away from the limelight of late?
    Dhoom:3 got delayed for various reasons. Then, Hrithik is unwell, so Bang Bang schedules have been delayed. So, yes, it has been a gap for me but, next year, I should have multiple releases.

    But you were also inaccessible to the media.
    You come out only when you have something to talk about. When you have two-three films in a year, you remain in the media. That apart, I have always been a private person.

    While you were away, some feel Deepika Padukone has taken the number one actress spot, which was yours at one point.
    I don’t look at it that way. Everyone is doing what’s best for their careers. And if their movies are doing well, I’ll only say, ‘Congratulations’.

    Are you looking forward to your sister Isabelle’s debut with Dr Cabbie?
    Yes, I’m looking forward to what Isabelle does in the film. At the moment, she is interested in experimenting with English-language films. If she wants to enter Bollywood, she has to first learn Hindi. There’s no timeline when she will, but yes, I’m always there for her.

    You have been named the World’s Sexiest Asian Woman of 2013 yet again in a readers’ poll (by British weekly newspaper, Eastern Eye).
    I don’t take it seriously. Such things are all about perception. Yes, it’s great fun to know that. But do I feel that way? I don’t think so (laughs).

    A lot of people feel you’re one of the most beautiful actors around.
    Like any other woman, I too have insecurities about myself. If anyone sees me when I wake up (in the morning) or wearing my track pants, and then vote, then I would believe it a little more (laughs).

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