YBQ to launch a boutique in Jumeirah

    Yousuf Bashir Qureshi is a name synonymous with creativity and an eye for all things beautiful. A renowned fashion designer, photographer, painter and the owner of the Commune in Pakistan, he’s a man that knows his Art and takes his creativity very seriously.

    Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s passion ranges from fashion designing, photography and painting, to food science and farming. Successful at anything he touches, he’s a true philanthropist and has been actively involved in social causes including his recent project ‘United Pakistan’, a social program that he initiated amidst the flood disaster in Pakistan.

    Qureshi graduated from the University of Nebraska with a major in Food Sciences. His transition into the art world began while he was working in the US as a horse trainer. His creative streak was instantly recognized when he began to design clothes for himself for his work. The designs became so popular that the horse shows held there brought an Indian cavalier charm. After his graduation Yousuf opened a fashion café in Lincoln, Nebraska, called the Silk Café, whose inspiration was taken after the Silk route that runs along the Pakistani border. It was here that Yousuf learned the technicalities and craftsmanship of fashion designing.

    In 1997, he moved to Hollywood where he was noticed for his unique South Asian artistry of his brands aesthetics. His talent impressed celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, Angelina Jolie, and Denzel Washington. He was soon noticed by the music industry as well and his big break came about when he was chosen to design pop diva Madonna’s music video called “Om Shanti”.

    Bashir, has designed for some of fashion’s biggest brands; including Kenneth Cole’s first women’s line Geisha. The self-made designer began spreading his exclusive style statement into fashion houses, by serving as a in-house designer at brands like Givency, the House of Christian Lacroix, Bebe, BCBG, Arden B. and Lapis, to name a few. His designs were sold to major department stores like Nieman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, and Nordstrom.

    His work has also been featured in major fashion weeks across the globe including the Pakistan Fashion Week as well as the Amsterdam Fashion Week to name a few.

    He has given inspiring speeches at TedTalks, one of the best platforms for speakers to share their stories, been a guest lecturer in some of the worlds renowned fashion designing institutes across the globe including MCMA in Barcelona and College of Arts in London to name a few.

    Yousuf Bashir returned to Pakistan in 2002, and launched his fashion line YBQ with his first collection ‘Fresh Difficulties’. Now he has 3 major collections in his kitty including ‘Dust of Ashes’ and ‘Holey’. With a feudal background and a humble thought to contribute something generously to the art world, Bashir felt that it was his responsibility to unite and embrace the artistic evolution that was taking place in his home country. Hence was born the Commune colony, which embraces art and creativity and has provided a platform to all those with an artistic vision.

    With more than a vision and a driving force to change the way the world looks at art, Bashir is all set to step into the Art culture in the UAE. Launching its one of a kind boutique store in the city of Dubai, he promises not only to bring a bit of his heritage to the city but also bring about an understanding that is of his culture and art from back home. Located in the posh locale on Jumeirah (Al Wasl Road), the boutique will not only have YBQ’s art, clothes, and accessories and interior’s collection, but will also represent up and coming designers and artist from across the globe. The whole idea of the boutique is to redefine your regular hangout and embark on something unique. With a sheesha lounge and café, the boutique will not only offer its customers a place to unwind and bask in the beautiful artifacts on display and sale but also enjoy a rendezvous with distinctive aesthetics and culture.

    Courtesy: Muse Dubai.

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