Fawad Khan, the Pakistani heart-throb, who had the ladies of Hindustan swooning all over him inKhoobsurat, is all set to take his stardom to another level.

One hears from very reliable sources, that Fawad is planning to produce an Indo-Pak film that would see him in a completely new avtar as an action hero.

Fawad Khan, who admits he likes to change genres and personality with every film, says he needs to pump the muscles and look beefy for the role of the action hero.”I think I lost too much weight duringKhubsoorat. I am going to put on some seriousweight to get into character for my next film.”

So, from the bearded lean and gaunt royallook, Fawad is moving straight to a clean-shavenbeefed-up action hero’s look.Says the actor, “I want to play around with my looks. It’s very boring to appear the same in all your films. Then people are looking not at the character but at the actor. So yeah, I am really beefing up for an action role.”

Revealing how and why he lost so much weight during Khubsoorat, Fawad Khan says, “It was more by accident than by design. I wasn’t planning to look so lean. Then it suddenly happened. I started taking my gym routine a little too seriously. I started hitting the gym really hard.”

Fawad also had to practice serious diet control.Says Fawad, “I am diabetic. So diet control is a pre-given for me. I had to control all my cravings for food.But now I need to look heftier for my next film.”