Salman Khan supports Dubai Expo 2020


    Bollywood superstar Khan firmly believes that Dubai deserves to host the Expo 2020. He told 7DAYS: “Personally, for me, Dubai is like a third home after Mumbai and my farm in Panvel. I love the people, the vibe and the energy of Dubai. I admire the way that Sheikh Mohammed’s leadership and vision have enabled Dubai to transform itself into a global hub for business and a melting pot for diverse people and cultures.” The Indian icon, who has chosen Dubai as a filming location for several of his movies, including massive box-office hit franchise ‘Dabangg’, is confident of the emirate’s offering. “Dubai houses the world’s tallest tower, an indoor ski resort, the world’s largest aquarium, all in the middle of the desert. This demonstrates Dubai’s ability to redefine the realms of what is possible. The Expo 2020 will do a lot for Dubai, but equally I believe, Dubai will do a lot for Expo 2020,” he said. -7DaysDubai

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