Priyanka Chopra talks about Britney Spears

    All Bollywood stars know a thing or two about fanfare. Usually, they are the ones being placed on a pedestal, admired and showered with praise.

    The same applies, of course, for Priyanka Chopra. But, last week, when Priyanka met American pop singer Britney Spears in Las Vegas, she found herself on the other side of the table.

    Recounting the meeting, Priyanka says, ”I was in Vegas (to promote her new single) when I got to know that she (Britney) was doing a show nearby. When asked if I’d like to go for it, I immediately agreed. I met her family, including her dad. Later, they invited me backstage, where I met Britney. We spoke about different kinds of music and performances. She is wonderful.”

    Any chance we might see the actor-turned-singer collaborating with the eBaby one more timef hit-maker? 

    “No, we didn’t have any such conversation. Itna time bhi nahi tha (we didn’t have that much time).”

    Last month, Priyanka also met rapper-actor Nick Cannon in New York.

    With her meeting famous people in USA, spending time promoting her music there, and being represented by a popular Los Angeles based talent agency, we wonder if she might attempt to do a Hollywood film. ”I love the kind of work I’m doing in Bollywood. But if I get a good part there, why not? I just don’t want to be cast in a stereotypical way. So I’d only take up a role that will do justice to us (Indians),” she says.

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