Pakistani artists not welcome in India – Shiv Sena

    Who could have considered artistry could be contracted by political is paramount. That’s pellucidly how the issue stands on today . An Indian regional political party denominated Shiv Sena lashed against Pakistani heartthrobs and musicians to not being able to enter Maharashtra.


    From what perception can you define that respective actors such as Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan would be upbringing issues among the two nations where by ironically they both have acknowledged the amount of deference and love they have gained from the receptive audiences predicated in India. Both actors had retrieved work from veteran Indian directors and paid the price of meeting with the prospects that were needed from them to excel in their field and not to obviate their own heritage and mind frame of their homeland.

    This issue is primarily issue of this matter is highly conflicting Shiv Sena rather than the Indian Film Fraternity as a whole. The Filmfare awards 2015 one of the ideally most prestigious award shows held in India , in which Fawad khan gagged the award for Best Debut for his movie Khoobsurat. It conveys the conception that his efforts and the love and appreciation he retrieved from his fans not only in Pakistan but additionally in India were thrilled by his craft of work .

    Shah-Rukh-KhanOn the other hand Mahira Khan who worked alongside the Badshah of Bollywood Mr.Shahrukh Khan was held for all compliments above the heel. Mr.Khan was needlessly to say appalled by the amazement of her acting abilities as he stated during the launch of Daboo Ratan’s Annual Calendar Launch “Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mahira Khan are there in the film (Raees). Both of them are very accomplished actors. I think the cast is really wonderful. Now I would have to excel and perform like them.”Shahrukh Claimed. Now one doesn’t always here such exalts from a personality who has expanded his spark across the world and retrieve world acclaim for the dedication and conviction to his work.

    mahesh bhatt - dubaiblissMahesh Butt whom were all aware of is known for his open ended criticism claimed ” that art and culture should be kept separate from politics, adding that it was the art and culture which bridged the gap. ” This statement is one we should all accept as looking as statistics of many Indians hearing songs of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who is a born , originated singer who was largely based in Pakistan and than by the drawn of popularity his songs touched the soul of many Indians . Zindagi TV an Indian based television network in an expansion of few days had engendering a roaring buzz of popularity on Indian News shows and headlines on every newspaper The magnetization to our dramas had gradually averted the preconception stereotypes held to our dramas , the realism of issues that reside within families and the chronicles of households. Subhash Ghai known for his excellency as an Indian Film Directed tweeted ” #ZINDAGI at #zee draws my attention for interesting plays with real people with real homes than our serials full of make up n made up twists” .

    maram_and_aabrooThe well renowned Pakistani Band , which play the sufi rock were scheduled in promulgating their joint concert along with Indian Performs at the City’s Press Club. Infelicitously after a group of 50 people workers form the political party of “Shiv Sena” barged into the press conference that was being held by Mekaal Hassan and were commanded to immediately return back to their country. The unethical manner held by the political party showed no genuine reason to endeavor to do this as the Pakistani band themselves could have requested to have their own solo performance but were blissful to have their collaboration performance with a group of Indian singers along as well . Reversing their boundaries without abducting to commence conflict . We hope that we may able to find a source of solution that may help find a source of resolution to the issued problem.

    Article Written By Aamna Shahbaz (

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