Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.

    How do we solve a problem like Justin Bieber? We just get rid of him!

    That’s the logic behind a petition — which at the time of writing had racked up more than 98,000 signatures — urging the Obama administration to revoke the Biebs’ green card and send him back to his native Canada.

    Many Americans are fed up with the Canadian singer’s reckless “bad boy” ways that culminated last week in an arrest for driving under the influence and drag racing. And since he’s not an American citizen — and has said he never plans on becoming one — outraged Americans have proposed a solution to just go ahead and deport him.

    Here’s what the petition says:


    Of course, as TIME reported last week, one cannot simply deport Justin Bieber. Plus, the White House already receives tons of petitions, like that one to build a Death Star. So, Bieber haters, try not to get your hopes up. 

    If you want to sign the petition, Click Here.


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