Video: Salman Khan halts Big Boss event during Azaan

    Salman Khan Stops Big Boss 8 Conference For Azaan (Prayer) from dubaibliss on Vimeo.

    Not many have seen the religious side of super star Salman Khan. But at the launch of latest season of the popular reality show Big Boss 8, the Bollywood actor called for a brief break as he heard the Azaan from a nearby mosque. Azaan is call for prayer and the mosque gives a call to the devotees to get ready for the evening prayers.

    Salman Khan who recently launched the Bigg Boss 8 at the Jet Airways Hangar in Mumbai, was interacting with media when a nearby mosque gave a call for Azaan. The actor called for a break the moment he heard the Azaan and for the next 10 minutes the proceedings came to a standstill. Though the Dabangg Khan is known for his religious side, Salman is taking extra cautions as a case has been filed against him for hurting religious sentiments recently.

    Text: | Video: Bollywood Now

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