Veena Malik’s Tweet ‘India Sucks’ is a scam


    Pakistani actress Veena Malik is dragged into another controversy, and this time it’s not even her who started it all. Times Of India published a tweet ‘India Sucks’ from¬†Veena’s twitter account @iVeenamalik has been hacked for over a month by her ex digitial manager Prashant Singh; who openly claims on Twitter to bring Veena Malik down, and what’s surprising the Indian media chose to support him over her, ignoring the fact her twitter account was hacked.


    So, who is the person behind this trending tweet?? It’s not rocket science! It’s Prashant Singh, the guy hungry for attention who claims to have dated Veena Malik prior to her wedding with Asad Bashir Khan. Right after this tweet he made from Veena’s hacked account, Prashant went on twitter and made a fool out of himself by posting ‘I can make ppl trend’. What’s surprising is the media chose to highlight the negative aspect of this story and not hold Prashant responsible for doing it. Indian TV channels approaching Prashant for interviews and articles, where as the Pakistani media is more focused on promoting Bollywood movies on their national channels.

    Veena Malik, and her husband Asad Bashir Khan have now taken this issues to their hands and have approached Bollywood’s famous director Mahesh Batt; whos the main person behind the Indo-Pak peace project to handle this case. Let’s see Mahesh Bhatt handles this scenario but in the meant time follow Veena Malik’s real twitter account @iVeenaKhan.

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