Veena Malik Twitter Followers Are Fake


    Pakistani Actress, Veena Malik, who always get caught up in a controversy- gave us another reason to talk about. This time she didn’t pose topless, but actually bought fake followers on Twitter.  Websites like BoostLikes are few on the internet where you can buy Facebook , Twitter and Instagram likes. If you’re famous then it does come handy but there’s no interaction from fans because these are not real people.

    We constantly keep a check on celebrities to know their whereabouts and was stunned to see Veena’s twitter followers jump from 4k to 114k in just a day. OMG! Veena, atleast you should have consult a professional blogger and not bought em all at once. We don’t blame her for taking this route, as her previous account with 115k real likes on Twitter @iVeenaMalik was hacked by her Indian digital manager Prashant Pratap Singh, who constantly posts pretending to be Veena Malik and trying his best to bring her down on the social networking sites. Whereas the “Real” Veena Malik is now happily married to Asad Bashir in Dubai and have officially announced to quit the commercial movies.

    Too Bad Prashant! Maybe you should buy some fake followers too, how Veena did.

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