Top 5 most popular Smartphones for UAE on Deals

    Here is your guide for the top 5 most popular and best smartphones with their deals for our fans in UAE,  When it comes to choosing right smartphone  people usually ignore few important things that they should consider every time they  buy new smartphone or upgrade their old smartphone.

    Most modern smartphones includes all the features of ( Feature Phones ) plus features  like touchscreen computer ,  web browsing, Wi-Fi, 3rd-party apps and accessories.  The most popular smartphones today are powered by Google’s Android or Apple’s IOS  operating systems.

    The most important factors that you should consider in buying a smartphone are  Battery life , Camera – Video – Still image Quality and last but not the least Display, Considering this factors we have arrange a list of top 5 smartphones with their as low as possible deals from .


    Brief History of Android & IOS


    Android is an open-source platform founded in October 2003 by Andy Rubin and backed by Google, along with major hardware and software developers (such as Intel, HTC, ARM, Motorola and Samsung) that form the Open Handset Alliance. In October 2008, HTC released the HTC Dream, the first phone to use Android.The software suite included on the phone consists of integration with Google’s proprietary applications, such as Maps, Calendar, and Gmail, and a full HTML web browser. Android supports the execution of native applications and third-party apps which are available via Google Play, which launched in October 2008 as Android Market. By Q4 2010, Android became the best-selling smartphone platform.


    In 2007, Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone, one of the first mobile phones to use a multi-touch interface. The iPhone was notable for its use of a large touchscreen for direct finger input as its main means of interaction, instead of a stylus, keyboard, and/or keypad as typical for smartphones at the time. In July 2008, Apple introduced its second generation iPhone with a much lower list price and 3G support. Simultaneously, they introduced the App Store, which allowed any iPhone to install third-party native applications. Featuring over 500 applications at launch, the App Store eventually achieved 1 billion downloads in the first year, and 15 billion by 2011.


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