These days Pakistani Youtubers are so low in terms of creating content that they have started picking on each other to gain likes and subscribers. Looks like the desperation of making quick bucks on Youtube or a race to become the famous Pakistani youtuber in a short time, it’s sad the whole Youtube community in Pakistan is being dragged into this drama.

Below is a short break down of what happened.

Last year, a Pakistani gaming Youtuber who goes by the name of “Ducky Bhai” picked on a famous Canadian based Pakistani Youtubers “Sham Idrees” and his wife who goes by the name “Froggy” calling them a fraud. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Warning: DUCKY BHAI video contains adult language. And apparently that’s what our Awaam think is funny.

Cutting the long story short, this drama was exaggerated so much that recently other Youtubers like Zaid Ali T, Mooro and many more jumped the wagon, and teamed up against Sham Idrees and Froggy asking them to apologize for degrading Pakistani Youtubers and copying their content etc.

Things got uglier last night when Sham Idrees and Froggy who are currently in Pakistan to reunite with fans and bring an end to this drama were at a meet and greet with their fans in Ocean Mall – Karachi where ducky bhai fans verbally and physically attacked Sham Idrees and his wife.

Froggy claims she was punched and pushed by one of Duckys fans in her latest video.