See what did Shahrukh Khan & Veena Malik named their son!

    Shahrukh Khan and Veena Malik

    Shahrukh Khan and Veena Malik  gave his fans eidi by surprising them like never before! The Happy New Year star took to Twitter to wish his followers and also tweeted the first picture of his youngest son AbRam.

    First Picture of Shahrukh Khan’s son abRam to hit the internet.

    Does that name strikes you? Just after 2 weeks of Asad khan and Veena khan son Abram’s pictures went viral on social networks with thousands of followers and likes, Shah Rukh khan- who has been hiding his son Abram for almost two years has released his picture on Twitter this Eid.

    Asad Khan and Veena Khan’s son Abram.

    Now the question is! What made Shahrukh Khan to release his son AbRam picture?? Is it after Veena and Asad son Abram pictures went viral on Twitter which has been constantly in news for the last two weeks or Did Veena and Asad not know about Shahrukh Khan’s son??

    Whatever the reason may be, Thanks to Veena and Asad to push Shahrukh Khan unveil his son’s AbRam pictures.

    By the way both the names sounds the same just spelled differently, Abram and AbRam best of luck with both the parents.

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