Review: Dhoom 3, Nothing but noise and smoke!


    Dhoom:3 is a hi-octane thriller and the thrills, stunts and pace — vital for any thriller to strike a chord — are sure to keep you on the edge from scene A to Z.

    Set in Chicago, the film is a visual delight. The film makes your jaw drop to your knees courtesy the sweeping impact it makes. So what’s the story? It all begins in December 1990. Great Indian Circus in Chicago is mortgaged at the Western Chicago Bank. Circus owner Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) has perfected the magic trick of wooing the bankers but loses the bait unfortunately – and Iqbal kills himself. Why? He fails to save his circus from his debtors. Years later, Iqbal’s son – Sahir (Aamir Khan) plans revenge against the Western Chicago Bank that helped to ruin his father, and robs it. As every Dhoom fan will know, a thief must have a unique identity. While John Abraham delivered pizza, Hrithik Roshan left a symbol of ‘A’ at the scene of each robbery. Aamir leaves behind a joker mask and writes ‘Bank waalon, tumhaari aisi ki taisi‘ on the wall. With the stolen money, Sahir manages to start up the circus once again. Since the thief is an Indian, the Bombay Police is summoned and links are found between Iqbal’s son Sahir’s involvement in the robbery. Will Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali(Uday Chopra) will stop Sahir who is determined to seek revenge and destroy the bank for life is the story of Dhoom:3.

    It takes a while for the plot to be revealed. Luckily Vijay Krishna Acharya, the writer and director of Dhoom:3 has packed in ample suspense and lots of action to keep your interest latched to the screen from start to finish. Kudos to him for that! We know that the franchise has always been about hardcore stunts and glamour, but this time around the makers have concentrated on story as well, thankfully.

    And the performances add to the package. There is no doubt that Aamir Khan plays a very convincing baddie, but there is a big secret to his character which won’t be fun to reveal. So let’s just talk less about his character. Sadly, Katrina Kaif doesn’t have a strong role like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did in Dhoom:2. Kat is in the film just to add glamour and not much else, though she does look dazzling and is fabulous with her dance and acrobatics. Abhishek Bachchan has always been good as Jai Dixit and he continues to be in Dhoom:3. Uday Chopra, like always, adds the comic element and is good fun to watch, in small doses. Any Dhoom film without his Ali would be like a Bollywood movie without an item number. Pritam could have done a better job with the music – the songs were way better in the previous editions. And one factor that could work against Dhoom:3 – it was rather longer than it needed to be.

    If you liked Dhoom and Dhoom:2 then you would not want to miss Dhoom:3. Just stop whatever you are doing, grab a bucket of popcorn and go watch the film – if nothing else, for the sake of the suspense and stunts it has.

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