Rakhi Sawant heads to Dubai for NYE!



    Rakhi Sawant will be performing in Dubai on New Year’s Eve and if she were to invite one person, she would invite Narendra Modi for the bash. She talks about her favourite actors and who will win ‘Bigg Boss’ this season.

    Narendera Modi is is the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat and the prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance for the 2014 Indian general elections.

    “Yes, wherever I may go I create a bang. I will be wearing lovely Swarovski attire with glittering diamonds and I am sure all my fans in Dubai who are my Indian brothers and sisters will enjoy my hot image as well as my hot item number,” shares the actress.
    Revealing further details, she shares, “I will be performing the hot item number from ‘Ram Leela’, which my friend Priyanka Chopra sizzled on.

    “I also be performing Kareena Kapoor’s numbers. My sole intention is to keep my folks happy on the eve of New Year so that they may get the real feel of Indian songs as they are unable to come here in India and enjoy them.”

    And She added, “Yes undoubtedly for New Year bash we do get doubly paid and so I love to spend a lot on my dresses.”
    Speaking up for Salman Khan, she says, “It is in Salman’s nature to help other. I have seen him offering everything to orphanages without an iota of stress on his forehead.

    “I love Salman. I remember when I was in Canada while Salman gave me a call to attend the ‘Bigg Boss’, I immediately took a fight and returned to India.”

    She further reveals, “This time I am very busy and will be in Canada for six months. So, I cannot say whether I will be able to get on the ‘Bigg Boss’ platform.”

    Talking about how she would love to see Shah Rukh Khan and Salman share their screen space, she shares, “Who would not like to watch Shah Rukh and Salman on the silver screen together. They are mature enough and are friends; I do not think they have any differences. They are my Karan Arjun.”

    Rooting for ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant VJ Andy, she says, “Andy I think is the best and I feel he will turn the winner for ‘Bigg Boss’ this season.”

    Source: Emirates24/7

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