Watch the video of Lion in Dubai car

    Not too often you get to see a lioness at the back seat, but hey! anything’s is possible in Dubai. Well, it’s still against the law and the driver who took his pet lioness for a drive on streets of Dubai in broad day light could face charges. A Dubai Police spokesman said: “We didn’t receive any calls about the incident, but we’re checking the video now to see if it’s old or new.”

    The video was posted on Thursday. It had almost 20,000 views on Monday afternoon – but a second version of the video, posted two days later, had been seen almost 50,000 times. General Expert Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, operations assistant for the head of Dubai Police, said “It’s not logical for a person to transfer a lion or crocodile inside a car. If someone did such a thing and he is arrested, he will be fined for endangering the lives of others,” He also mentioned “The law didn’t prevent people from transferring a wild animal inside a private vehicle, but people should use common sense”.

    Yeaaa! you heard that Mr Driver, It’s common sense.

    -GulfNews – Emirates247

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