Flint J & Bohemia collaborate for ‘Tere Bina’

    A brand new track ‘Tere Bina’ is released today which is a collaboration between the two artists who are very well known for their poetry, Flint J and Bohemia. This song brings back the memories that are faded with time but never forgotten. Tere Bina is a story of a broken heart. 


    We caught up with the man himself “FLINT J” to talk more about the song and his upcoming project.

    Tell us more about the Bohemia and Flint J collaboration. How did it happen?
    My latest song featuring the king & creator of desi hip hop Bohemia is titled Tere Bina, which means Without You. I met Bohemia sir in Dubai through one of my very dear friend. We hung out a few times, at his gigs and at other occasions before we jumped together on a beat. If I have to be truly honest, this collab happened back in 2017. I know that brings up the question; why wasn’t it released when it happened? Well post-recording of the song, I had decided to take a break from music and almost everything around me those days. I had some personal reasons which I had to attend too. Nevertheless, 2019 is the year in which I felt already and charged up to do my full-fledged come back, so I shot the long-awaited video of Tere Bina; and here it is, all yours!

    How was the experience of working with Bohemia in the studio?
    One won’t know the feeling of standing side by side with a living legend and working under his guidance unless it actually happens. He is truly an inspirational musician and offset too. Rap scene has become a very important part of the Asian music industry and what more could a come back artist want than having the creator of desi hip hop collab with him. I am honored to have him being part of my musical journey. It’s a collaboration that every Asian artist wants to be part of, period!

    Will this song be a game-changer for Flint J?
    I changed my game in 2015 with the release of my song Ishq. It is at 16 million ORGANIC VIEWS on youtube and still growing. The reason I say organic views in bold is that most of us today know how a new ‘artist’ would jump in the scene with 50, 60 and 100 million fake views, whereas the reality of the game is totally different. So if it’s about fame, glory, and stardom, I may not be the best in the game; but let me tell you something, I definitely know how to run the real show!

    Are you planning to drop an Album, or releasing singles works for you?
    Making an album is not a fear. But making one needs hell loads of patience. Whereas every time I finish writing a song, I rush to the recording booth to record it. And as soon as its record, I am out and about shooting the video. 

    What’s next for Flint J? Final words
    Up next is another banger for your ears. The song that became my identity as an artist in 2011 was named Aashiqan De. After 7 long years of Aashiqan De, I have recreated it with a fusion of rap in it this time. The song will be titled as Khaab – A Broken Dream and is scheduled to be released by end of this year. For all Aashiqan De fans, this one’s going to top your playlist all over again.

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