Exclusive interview with RJ/DJ ASEF (105.4 Radio Spice)


    There’s no greater feeling than touching peoples lives with your music everyday, and that’s what RJ/DJ Asef does on his daily routine. He’s not your typical radio host who would eat your brain out, whereas Asef  is a house Dj in one of the most elite Desi night in Dubai, and he’s responsible for bringing up many local Dj’s into the mainstream. caught up with the man himself for a short interview to know a little more about him and where you can catch him spinning next.

    Asef what inspired you to become a DJ? 

    I was always a music lover even as a child. I used to spend all my pocket money on buying cassettes and CDs so I grew up exploring different genres of music from Rock to Pop and then EDM but listening to the legends like Armin Van Buuren, Roger Sanchez and Deep Dish actually inspired me. Also I believe that theres no greater feeling than touching peoples lives with your music everyday.

    Tell us about your official remix??

    I recently released my first official remix and played it at Club China White at Grand Hyatt – Dubai on Friday.

    Which is one of your favorite song that you’d like to remix??

    I have many favorite songs haha and most of them have been remixed already.

    Where do you like spinning and hanging out in Dubai??

    My current favorite place to hang out is Qbara at Raffles and my favorite club is Cirque Le Soir, I love playing there – the energy of that place is just amazing.

    You were nominated for the Best Radio Jockey, How do you feel about it?

    It’s sort of a recognition for the work you do so it feels great to be nominated!

    Last question! Tell us about your collaboration with Dejavu Nights?

    Well I started my DJing career with Dejavu nights and our collaboration has come a long way and I’m sure it’ll go further. here I would like to thank Rahul Kaul – the man behind Dejavu for convincing me to get into in the first place.

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