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    Pakistani actress Meera celebrated her birthday in Dubai yesterday at the Options Lounge and Restaurant at Dubai World Trade Centre.

    In an exclusive chat with Masala! the quirky actress said, “I was in Dubai for an international collaboration that I am working on titled Catch and was busy with it so couldn’t go back to Pakistan for my birthday. So I decided to celebrate the day here.”

    When asked about her age, she cattily replied, “You cannot ask an unmarried lady about her age, it is bad manners.”

    The actress who has often been linked to different actors and businessmen in Pakistan as well as Dubai, said that marriage can wait. “My mother and father will choose who is right for me. After all it is only right for elders to make such an important decision. Right now I am focusing on my career,” she added.

    Meera was also recently in the news for her political ambitions but she denied it vehemently. She said, “I don’t have any desire to join politics. My mother is actively involved and we are even opening a hospital in Pakistan to serve our people. I am just supporting my mother in this.”

    When asked about her upcoming projects she said, “I will be going to New York for a fund raiser fashion show and will also soon be a part of Humayun Saeed’s upcoming TV production.”

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