Dubai Parks hosts the ‘Rainy Summer’ initiative in collaboration with Dubai Municipality and Ferjan Dubai

    Dubai, UAE, August 17, 2023
    Dubai Municipality has launched the ‘Rainy Summer’ event in collaboration with Ferjan Dubai at Al Barsha Pond Park from August 16 until 20th of August 2023, and at Al Warqa 3 Park, which will be held between August 23 and 27. The “Rainy Summer” event, which is being held from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm, extending until 11:00 pm during the weekends at both parks, includes water activities such as artificial rain, snowy soap activities and swimming pools, recreational and sporting events, and workshops for children, such as African drum activity. Furthermore, products by Ferjan Dubai are being showcased at the events, along with a number of restaurants and cafes offering various types of food and beverages, and tailored rest tents for people that prefer staying with their children during various recreational activities.

    Ahmed Al Zarooni, Director of the Department of Public Parks and Recreational Facilities said: ” Dubai Municipality is organizing summer leisure events in Dubai’s numerous facilities and parks, allowing all citizens of the Emirate of Dubai to enjoy the entertainment that offerings available in these facilities and parks. The ‘Rainy Summer’ event, being organized in collaboration with Ferjan Dubai, is an event that is providing rich experiences for children to enjoy the summer season with its distinctive and appealing activities. This initiative reflects the Municipality’s efforts to provide the best quality of life and well-being for various segments of the community, thereby enhancing the quality of life and happiness of Dubai residents.”

    Dubai Municipality has launched the ‘Rainy Summer’ event in collaboration with Ferjan Dubai at Al Barsha Pond Park from August 16 until 20th of August 2023

    Jamal Al Shuaibi, Director of the ‘Rainy Summer’ project at Ferjan Dubai, emphasized the importance of summer activities aimed at children and the residents of Dubai, as well as their vital role in achieving optimal investment in children’s time. This event is an extension of the knowledge and recreational activities and festivals organized in collaboration between Ferjan Dubai and Dubai Municipality, which have been a huge success and have helped strengthen the bonds of cohesion among the people of Dubai by promoting family and community ties, well-being, and quality of life.

    “The event includes creative competitions for children that combine sports with entertainment while boosting the mental ability of participants. It also features performances in the two gardens for local community projects, enabling families to implement unique activities that combine economic and humanitarian dimensions that are consistent with Al Freej traditions and the Emirati’s long-standing heritage.” Al Shuaibi added.

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