Atif Aslam fans shout GO NAWAZ GO!

    Watch Video of Atif Aslam Fans Shouting Go Nawaz Go – Everyone seems like turning into this chant earlier Started by Cricketer turned Politician Imran Khan

    Not too often you see an artist go through this situation; While Atif Aslam was performing at concert in Karachi recently, he asked his fans which song should he sing?? and the crowd chanted #Gonawazgo which made Atif laugh and he replied ‘Yeh kaunsa gana..yeh mujhai nahi ata??’ (I don’t know which song is this).

    Pakistan is going through political crisis and the slogan #GONAWAZGO initiated by Pakistan’s political party, Tehreek- E- Insaf is creating a major hype among the youngsters to bring down the current Government of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif, who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan is hearing the Go Nawaz Go slogan everytime him and his party people make a public appearance. Does that makes sense now??

    Atif Aslam might play smart and avoid disappointing his PML-N fans by not commenting further in this situation, the videos are going viral and soon you’ll see it everywhere, we’re the first one to break this story… Check out the video! 😉

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