Everyone’s talking about Boxer Amir Khan hitting the club and cuddled up to Abu Dhabi-based beauty adviser Gulbahor Becknazar the night after his divorce with wife Faryal Makhdhoom.

The famous boxer claims she’s just his friend, and he did apologize for his behavior on his Snapchat. However, the videos we managed to get online tells a different story. You can clearly see the moment Amir realizes that he’s been recorded, he pushes the girl away. 😀 


If you missed out. Watch the first video below of him partying in Dubai.


Guess what Amir Khan did the next morning?

He met that model, friend, Instagram star or whoever she is – we didn’t even know until last night and recorded a message saying that hum shareef loag hai. 😀

Now you guys must be wondering. Where’s Faryal Makhdhoom? Well, here she is with her little angel.



My little angel 👼🏼

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