Exclusive Interview with Nitin Mirani 4th Funniest Man in the World

    Meet Nitin Mirani 4th Funniest Man in the World!

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    The king of comedy, and one of the funniest man in the World are some of the titles you may know him by. He has performed to packed audiences in the middle east, India, Hong Kong, Maldives , New York , Toronto and London. Nitin Mirani’s and his brand Komic Sutra has now become a name that is trusted by people all over the world and specially expats from the U.A.E as it fulfills the desire for the new age style of “Glocal” humor and always delivers a fun filled evening combined with a friendly, interactive and “Chilled out ” atmosphere with the message “Laugh and Let Laugh” .  Team caught up with Nitin Mirani to find more about him…

    Nitin why did you wanted to become a comedian?  

    Well, to be honest living in Dubai and doing comedy is not exactly a career option so its more like comedy found me.I used to emcee many events and many times was asked to fill in unexpected gaps with jumping up on stage and “doing something” so I would end up doing a bit of improvisation with Stand Up comedy and realized that 9 out of 10 times people would comeup and tell me how much they enjoyed those 5 minutes and encouraged me to do more. Its been almost 10 years and ive not looked back.I have realized that comedy is my calling and it makes me much happier than people laughing in the audience. So im not selling jokes im buying laughter.
    You have won the title of becoming the 4th funniest people in the world, how do you feel about it?

    It is an amazing feeling because I’ve have worked towards it and really feel that ive been lucky to be at the right place at the right time. Being Laugh Factory Number 4 Funniest Person In The World actually means I now have to work harder and that is something im really looking forward to.It is also a big honor because I was representing UAE & India as part of the competition and I was amazed, humbled and surprised as to how much love & support I got from people in Dubai and India.I also got featured in Fox Television USA’s  show called LAUGHS and am already in talks with a few other Tv stations for some big projects.
    What are the secrets for telling everyday jokes in order to get the biggest laughs?

    There is not secret actually, its just being honest with yourself and the audience.Laughter is a universal language and connects everyone.It is a beautiful sight to see so many nationalities and age groups laughing and having a great time. Having said that you do have to make an effort to work on your material, the more you personalize the jokes the more generic it becomes.
    Can someone learn to be funny on stage?

    Im not sure if you can learn to be funny but you can surely learn to be Funnier on stage.We all are blessed with a sense of humor or a comedic perception and it is necessary for us to practice that on a regular basis not to become a comedian but to become a better and positive person .Like every other craft, if you believe in yours and polish it regularly you will shine on stage and off stage.
    What are some of the biggest mistakes the comedians make?

    Some of the biggest mistakes I have made as a comic is to get overly attached to my material. Also ive seen many comics get personal on stage just because they get heckled, my mantra on stage is not to “Offend the crowd but to Befriend them” .As a comic you are like a Chef catering to the audience and if you understand that the audience is allergic to seafood you cant just keep making sushi and expect them to enjoy it. The need to understand and gauge your audience is imperative.
    Last question,Who is your all-time favorite comedian person?

    JIM CARREY all the way.

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