(Letter send to Gulf News editor from Pakistan Association Dubai)

Baseless Report in the Gulf News”– Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan.

The moment when Dubai won the Expo 2020, everyone got on Facebook and Twitter to share their excitement and congratulate Dubai for the victory, thousands of statuses and tweets were posted online wishing Dubai a bright future ahead, from them many were Pakistani’s and Afghani’s. However, Gulf News does not agree to it. Gulf News fans were shocked and disappointed to read the article “Expo 2020 vote: UAE deserves answers from Pakistan and Afghanistan”¬†without any solid prove. Many Gulf News readers have canceled their monthly subscription, and requesting for an apology from one of the leading English newspaper in the UAE. On Facebook, Gulf News fans are raising their voice over this issue on a page called ” We Demand an Apology from Gulf News!” .¬†Will Gulf News issue an apology?? That’s something to look forward too, meanwhile read the comments from regular GULF NEWS readers below.


This is the darkest day in the history of Gulf News. The author of this very biased article has clearly tried to bow seeds of hatred between Three brother Muslim countries. GN should be ashamed of this blunder and the name of author of this malicious campaign should be disclosed to everyone. The historic relationships between UAE, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been built on great sacrifices and contributions from each country and none of governments should allow such an irresponsible acts to destabilize their relations. All Three governments should take immediate steps to clarify the situation and take strongest possible action against the publisher. GN ! millions of people from UAE, Pakistan and Afghanistan demands a clear cut explanation and unconditional apology from you.

Arshad M. Anjum, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


It’s a real shame that Gulf News is really trying to create hate. Earlier I doubted Gulf News is a biased newspaper but today it’s proved. Pakistan actually announced it’s vote for Turkey in March 2011. At that time no one had issues nor the UAE government. Why is that it has now become an issue. Really Gulf News, I expected some good journalism from you

Aqeel Ahmed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates