OH SNAP!! Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of boxer Amir Khan, has shared some very intense Snapchats earlier today which seem to be addressing issues with her Amir Khan’s sisters and mother.

In the most unexpected manner, Faryal Makhdoom took to her public Snapchat and addressed the issues which seem to be aimed at bullying from her in-laws, rather than keep it private.

“Don’t get your sons married if you’re going to abuse and bully the wife”, Faryal writes in her first Snapchat of the series. 

“My husband has done far more than any son has done. And far more than any brother has done. But, why is he treated so bad? Jealousy? Hatred for his wife? That’s disgusting.”

“When you force your son to divorce his wife, when she’s nine months pregnant! And your son doesn’t…and he sticks beside his wife. He’s called a pussy?”

“What about when you sisters in law come to hit you when your husband’s not home and still you don’t raise your hand out of respect for your husband”

She went on to share more Snapchats including:

faryalsnapchat3The Snapchats seem to be touching on abuse and bullying from her in-laws that she has kept in for some time.

The issue of Faryal’s domestic abuse accusations seem to have become a hot topic with many people commenting their support for her and many others claiming she is wrong for publicly speaking about it.

Fans were quick to show their support for Faryal, with one twitter user saying: ‘Feel sorry for Faryal Makhdoom. Imagine being mistreated by your in laws because of jealousy.’

While another also showed her support for Faryal by saying: ‘Faryal Makhdoom’s approach may not be the classiest but she’s speaking for millions of women who do have to deal with tha bullshit.’

Her sister-in-law, Mariyah, fired back four messages of her own in reply to Faryal’s accusations, saying: “Do I look like I can beat someone up.”


In another reply she writes:  “didn’t need to justify herself on social media as ‘Allah is watching’.”